Haute Dokimazo is an intimate, friendly, welcoming, energetic conference like nothing you've ever experienced as an event industry professionals. There are no keynotes, no breakout sessions, and no expo. The format is that of an unconference, which means that we spend some time on the first day crowdsourcing the topics YOU want to talk about or share about, then we match up the subject matter experts with those seeking to learn and create an agenda on the fly. 

We understand that it's hard to invest time and money in an unconference if you've never experienced one, so we've lined up some spectacular workshops on Day 1. This way you know what you're getting into, and you have 3 CEU hours to go toward your certification requirements. 

Never been to an unconference before? Check out this blog post to learn more. 

Here's the plan for December 4-5th in San Diego:

December 4, 2017
11:30am "Cafe Bienvenidos" Welcome Lunch (don't miss this lunch!) Nason's @ The Pendry Hotel
1:00pm Transportation (or walk) to event venue The New Children's Museum
1:30pm Welcome, explanation, 3 questions exercise The New Children's Museum Education Center
2:00pm Crowdsourcing of agenda The New Children's Museum Education Center

Workshop 1:

Getting butts in seats: An Audience Acquisition Workshop. Learn and share the challenges and best practices in driving attendance to paid events and free events, and how to ensure registrations convert once they hit the registration page.

The New Children's Museum Education Center

Workshop 2:

Experience Design Workshop: Come with an event in mind and spend time building out a meaningful experience for your attendees in this intensive workshop.

The New Children's Museum Education Center

Workshop 3:

Discovery and Briefs: The Path to a Winning Strategy. Leading discovery conversations and writing creative briefs that ensure all stakeholders are on the same page before the event planning process even begins. 

The New Children's Museum Education Center

Workshop 4: 

What do you do with all that event attendee and behavior data? Everyone tells you to capture it... are you capturing the right data? Now what do you do with it to make your event or your company sales better?

The New Children's Museum Education Center

Workshops adjourn, transportation to Dokimazo Reception 

Hotel Republic

December 5, 2017


Kick-ass Breakfast


Unconference sessions #1

The New Children's Museum 

Unconference sessions #2

The New Children's Museum 

Unconference Session #3

The New Children's Museum 

Lunch & Tech Playground

The New Children's Museum 

Unconference sessions #4

The New Children's Museum 

Unconference sessons #5

The New Children's Museum 

Group Spective

The New Children's Museum 

Closing Reception